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Starting a Legitimate Home Based Business

Starting a legitimate home based business can be great way to supplement your current job or make a full-time living.

By now it is no secret the economy is in a little trouble. Although Americans are earning higher hourly wages than at any other time in history, many traditional production and service based businesses are falling apart at the seams. The cost

The whole participation hugely outpaced many of our outlook.

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of health care benefits, taxes, licensing, and a whole many of other expenses are driving employers to use temporary laborers to fill in for people that have been laid off or fired. While this may help the corporation keep some resemblance of a profit margin, the former employee is left with a serious situation.

Starting a legitimate home based business has become an option for many of these former employees after losing their job. Even if these people are fortunate enough to be eligible for unemployment, they will only get a portion of their average pay. When it comes down to primal survival, starting a legitimate home based business before you lose your job can be the best thing for your financial future.

Although many people today are turning to the internet and various forms of home based employment, they start off aiming for the sites and plans that claim to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in a very short time. Unfortunately, many of these plans and strategies do not deliver on their promise. Some of these money making plans may even be illegal.

The main reason people get caught up in these plans is they are not looking at starting a legitimate home based business as something that may become a sole means of employment for a long time. Rather, they just want to get out of a financial mess as soon as possible.

Without question, I still believe the answer to financially surviving our ever volatile job market is to start a legitimate home based business. The difference is the income goal that you start with. Considering that approximately 30% of your gross pay goes in taxes, you are already living on only 70% of what is rightfully yours. Because unemployment would only give you a portion of your average pay, I believe a slightly higher 35% sideline income goal is more than enough to start with.

Among other things, having a legitimate home based business that you start off with on a small-scale will give you the time and experience that you will need to work on a larger scale. If you find that you do not have a saleable product, or that you need to revise, it is no harm done. You can just go ahead and start over with something else. Alternatively, if you have a good product and find the right market, you will be able to enjoy the benefits and excitement that a legitimate home based business offers.

In addition, since 35% is comparable to what you would get from unemployment, you will not feel that you could have done better by staying vulnerable to the traditional job market. If you get unemployment, chances are you will not be allowed to start your own legitimate home based business without losing benefits. Essentially, you are stuck looking for a traditional job until you find one, or your benefits run out. This leaves you as vulnerable to your new employer as it did your former one.

Unlike unemployment benefits, when you have your own business, you are most certainly allowed to find ways to earn more income from it. Finally, if your legitimate home based business is already up and running, you won't be agonizing over the unemployment waiting period, and whatever your former employer may try to do to delay or stop your benefits. Instead, you will simply be spending more of your time growing a business that you already have a feel for.

Planning and starting your online business needs to be your top priority, even if you feel reasonably secure in your traditional job. Because scam artists feed mainly on desperation, starting from a place of relative security will help you tame down the desperation these predators feed on. While unemployment helps many people for a short time, your objective is long-term, primal survival.

Starting your own legitimate home based business is a much more satisfying and financially sound option than hoping “the system” will bail you out. The earlier you start developing a sideline business that will bring in as much money as unemployment benefits, the better. You will have a little time to learn the intricacies of your legitimate home based business, as well as plan each aspect of it for long-term growth and financial success.